School’s out for Summer!

Wow can you believe the first year of pre-school is over?  Done?  Finished. Wow.  Her first last day of school 😉

Soph got a great year end report, she’s starting to read phonetically and is working on the decimal system –the things they teach in Montessori are really amazing!  More next year of course but we’re thrilled with what she’s learned and the fact that she loves school as much as she does.  She’s also turned into quite the character….

For comparisson’s sake here is her first day of school picture and here is what we took this morning.,  Don’t you love the winter hat, too big t-shirt and ballet “medal” she got for Saturday’s performance, yes she dressed herself!!! 😉

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2 Responses to School’s out for Summer!

  1. Oma says:

    Thats her alright

  2. Charlotte Gillespie says:

    I did not realize she was going to Montessori school. All three of ours go to Montessori schools too and it is amazing what they can do! Lilly and Helen didn’t start until 1st grade, but Philip started last year and was reading and writing sentences at age 4. This year he should be in Kindergarten, but they are putting him in elementary because he did all of the work in the primary class last year. I am amazed at how grown up your little Sophia has gotten!!!

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