Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, IT Project Manager.  After a crazy but awesome year living in the Virgin Islands we are back in Virginia.

More random info in no particular order…..

  1. I LOVED living on the island, all of it, even the crazy stuff!
  2. Although I’m still suffering from “reverse culture shock”  one of the best things about being back is the fun I’m having in my garden this year–yummy fresh veggies!
  3. I love to bake
  4. I do miss fresh mangos and papaya’s….wow so far this is ALL about food…hmmmm
  5. We have two pound puppies – they were each 11 months old when we got them, but there are 8 years between them
  6. They aren’t really puppies anymore technically, though they always will be to me
  7. My daughter is amazing
  8. My husband and I met at a party
  9. I like when things are clean
  10. I hate cleaning. Really hate it.
  11. I was born in Germany
  12. I love the beach and am thrilled that Sophia loves it as much as me
  13. I got married on a beach
  14. My birth certificate is in German, my marriage certificate is in Spanish and I think that’s cool
  15. I love mountains too
  16. I once broke my hip, skiing but I still love the mountains
  17. I am a freak about reading, and find it hard to go to sleep without my book
  18. I love Florida State Football but my husband went to Florida (makes for interesting football weekends at our house)
  19. I love sushi
  20. I used to hate, hate, hate, pink, now I love it. Having a baby changes everything.

1 Response to About

  1. BIG Kahuna says:

    If you love Sushi make sure to go to Shinsen, it’s located at Magens Point where Indigo restaurant is. Best Sushi on St. Thomas. Tell them the St. Thomas Blog sent you.

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