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Oh come ON…..

“Oh come ON”  Mom or “Oh, COME on!” its her new favorite thing to say, happens when she’s figuring something out, when she wants us to dance with her, when she wants to do something else, in other words a … Continue reading

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A little bribery goes a long way…

Sophia has been taking swimming lessons for the past couple of weeks at the local pool.  While she’s ok at kicking and blowing bubbles she doesn’t like to get her face wet AT ALL.  In desperation I headed off to … Continue reading

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Love them

Love these girls.  Both of them.  Yesterday we were hanging out at Jacks and they ran off together and had a ball!  Then they took turns sitting on each others laps 😉  True friendship doesn’t get much better than this.

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Fun in the sun….er sand!

We had a busy few days as a couple of Keith’s buddies were in town for the holiday weekend.  Their goal was to hit as much beach/snorkling action as they could, I think the average was 3+ beaches a day … Continue reading

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Now I lay me down to sleep….

Sophia is very verbal about when she wants to sleep. Mostly she’ll come up to us and say “so sleepy” or “jammies on”  and that’s pretty much it.  Game Over. Do not pass go, no $200. Finito. The other morning … Continue reading

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I’m 20

We were at the playground yesterday.  Sophia had found some “big kids” to play with and was totally enjoying herself.  As they were playing in the sand by the swings they asked how old she was. Her reply. 20. God … Continue reading

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Gorgeous dude!

That’s what came out of Sophia’s mouth the other day as we were driving to pick Keith up from work. She cracks me up, love that kid! Unpacking is still a work in progress but we are making inroads. We … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Sophia ;-)

Happy Second Birthday sweet girl.  For the last two years you have amazed and delighted us beyond our wildest dreams.  You are sweetness and light–we love you so very, very much. There are so many wonderful things about you, you’ve … Continue reading

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First Haircut….

After taking the weekend off of making all decisions I decided that this was really not going to work anymore. Mostly we have her hair up like this but really the hair was getting too long and Sophia has gotten … Continue reading

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Moving overseas is crazy. Really.

I flew up to VA with Sophia from Ft. Lauderdale last Thursday, Sept. 11.  Our mission–to pack up our house, identifing along the way what was to go to storage in VA and what was to be shipped to St. … Continue reading

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