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The whales are here!

We heard that whales migrated through Inner and Outer Brass (the two islands behind us) but we didn’t know for sure until today! Keith saw one first–it was actually breaching!  After that we grabbed the camera and caught lots of … Continue reading

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Herdless Goats

We were coming back from some errands the other day when these guys cut in front of us in the road. Cracked me up that they had no one herding them but they were all marching happily along together  in … Continue reading

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You sure are pretty

You ARE pretty, gorgeous in fact.  But you DO make a lot of noise….anything we can do about that? I think you are scaring my dogs, they have been hiding between my feet all day, following me everywhere!  They aren’t … Continue reading

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Things are different here

Unlike the image that I think many people have we don’t go to the beach EVERY day, in fact this week because we are still trying to knock several things off our “to do” list, we haven’t been at all! … Continue reading

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