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Oatlands Point to Point

It’s spring in VA–that means the start of horse races and Polo Fridays–this weekend was the annual Oatlands Point to Point–its usually on Easter so we’ve missed it every year but got to go this year! Sophia picked horse #4–any … Continue reading

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Why sir I believe there is a peacock on your porch….

Today is a gorgeous fall day just about at the peak of leaf color (or maybe just past but only because of yesterday’s rain).  There is a road down by Sophia’s pre-school that I LOVE, it’s a gorgeous country road … Continue reading

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4 Candles on her cake!

Where does the time go?  My little baby is 4.  She’s fabulous, fun and feisty and I can’t wait to see what this year holds for her.  Sophia currently loves all things princess, her dogs and her school.  She’s a … Continue reading

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Sunday was gorgeous so we woke up and decided to take to the road–we ended up on Skyline Drive and had a ball. Sophia delighted in looking for animals of all kinds, in the picture above she was “looking for … Continue reading

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Summer, Summer, Summer!

We’ve been busy, busy, busy with trips to the pool, swimming lessons, visitors, garden tending and raspberry picking!  I even did some canning–with the day before I swore I’d never do–its actually easier than I thought! Summer is also a … Continue reading

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Faith restored!

OK, so it did turn out to be my fault, I admit it….I left my Nikon on the counter at the last winery we visited when friends were here (the kids were trying to open the spigot and I didn’t … Continue reading

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