Weekend antics

What a weekend:

  • We celebrated Sophia’s 2nd Birthday with cake, presents and a huge singing Dora ballon.
  • FSU won! Yeah!!!
  • Gators lost.  Yeah!!! (sorry if this offends you but it is MY blog ;))
  • Toy stores aren’t what they used to be, EVERYTHING is branded.  Sophia did manage to squeal, and I do mean LOUDLY when she saw a pretty battery powered hot pink Cadillac.  Not exactly a “needed item”  but it was hilarious to watch her, and VERY hard to pull her out
  • Our stuff made it to St. Thomas– in record time.  Seriously it took about a week, and all we had been hearing was “be patient” and that 4-6 weeks was the norm.
  • Next weekend will be crazier than this one.
  • Outback’s fillet with blue cheese is YUMMY.  I’m going to miss it but Keith assures me he can duplicate, I’m pretty sure he can.
  • K is DYING to see his grill again.

Just heard from a friend down there that its hot, humid and the mosquito’s are rampant!  Bring it on!

And just because I know you come for the pictures….here are a couple from her birthday

Birthday “friends” gathered around


Seriously into reading this kid is, just like her mom!  This is her digging into “Big Words for Little People”

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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2 Responses to Weekend antics

  1. Katja says:

    Awww – sweet big two year old IIIIIIA! Looks like a great birthday and a great weekend. Congrats on the “official” move!!!

  2. bardsworld says:

    Pink Cadillac??? You need to work on the young pirate’s taste in cars! How about a nice Ferrari… http://www.qualitypedalcars.com/pedal_car_racers

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