Moving overseas is crazy. Really.

I flew up to VA with Sophia from Ft. Lauderdale last Thursday, Sept. 11.  Our mission–to pack up our house, identifing along the way what was to go to storage in VA and what was to be shipped to St. Thomas.

With the help of many many friends, family and neighbors this was accomplished in amazing fashion.  I can’t thank everyone enough for the manual help, support, Sophia watching, beds and food that I was given during the week.

Can’t wait to see you in St. Thomas!


(pictures are all courtesy of my new iPhone, better quality than I expected but not fully editable)

Before the movers came Oma had a party for the almost two year olds….

Morgan and Sophia both loved the Octopus cake, but weren’t sure what to do with the candles!

Oma’s locket necklace is always a hit with the girls.

Felecia was in town — lucky us!  Sophia was soo sleepy and it was nice to have someone to lean on.

Monday was all about packing, things went well.  Sophia “helped” and managed to get a nap in.  Things were seeming easy.  You know when things are running smoothly….too smoothly……that drama is soon coming, especially with a move of this size.

The plan was for the packers to be there again Tuesday then have both the overseas shipping container and the local storage stuff loaded on Wednesday.  Tuesday morning started well, Sophia was HYPER running around telling everyone what to do and that she was going to “St. ThOOOMas!”   All of a sudden the container arrived along with two more vans of guys.  The house had people everywhere, the packers weren’t done and I was told the international stuff was going THAT DAY!

I freaked. Lost it.  Of course I did–I am a project manager, things were reasonably “under control”.  Ha, I should have known.

I called Keith, I called my neighbor who grabbed Sophia for an hour and braided her hair 😉

I took a deep breath, well actually several.  Called our friend Sara for lodging that night –they were taking the crib and our bed to the island so that plan too was dashed.  Sara’s daughter Hannah is two months older than Sophia so they had all the goods which was awesome when we finally pulled in at 8 that night.

Packing for an international move is crazy.  Really nuts.  They have to wrap EVERYTHING they put on the truck.

Including the couch cushions.

We have a lot of stuff.  A lot.  So much in fact that the container would be overflowing….I had to make choices at the end of the day–this box or that.  Crazy.

Marcia and Turner and Jenny and Dylan came over in the afternoon.  Dylan and Sophia had fun playing in the piles of boxes and on the truck.

Day 3 was “just” taking stuff to storage.  My friend Des and cousin Amanda kept Sophia busy while I watched the guys manuever yet another pile of stuff from one place to another.  Ten hours later we were done!

Now we wait to hear if our crate made the boat and will then get an ETA of when we’ll really be pirates!!!!  AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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