A few quick updates aka “sprints” to catch you all up on what we have been up to

1. Daddy’s girl.

The other night getting ready for bed, we were putting on her “jammies” and Sophia looked right at me and said “Go Gators”. UGH, seriously? Already? What to do about this!

2. The beach.

We went down to Ft. Lauderdale beach on Sunday and had a great day, Sophia really is a beach girl and LOVES playing in the surf and riding on daddy’s back –then pushing off and saying “weeeee”.

3. The dogs.

The dogs are good. Atlas is pretty happy, I think he just likes being back with us. Mickey flashes us the hurt eyes every once in awhile, he misses his yard. Strangely Atlas seems more bonded to Keith lately and Mickey to me. Wonder how long that will last.

4. My “leisure” injury

My heel/ankle seems better, I have regressed to wearing flip-flops for the most part but know to stretch now and then and when it seems to hurt or when I plan on walking longer distances I wear my trusty sneakers. Whew!

5. Potty-training

Just as quickly as we started this seems to have stopped for now. Sophia was near perfect for the first 3 days and then suddenly expressed fear in the potty. We didn’t push it, and now she goes to the potty maybe once a day or so. We’re open to it but as she’s still young I see no rush.

6. She’s not THAT Young

Wow Sophia is 23 months old, not really a “month” baby anymore, we say she’s nearly 2 when asked. Nearly 2!!! Where did the time go?

7. Introducing Gustav.

Gustav is the next tropical storm — he just formed and again looks like he missed the Virgin Islands but is headed right for us again in Florida. We’ll be up “north” for the weekend so hopefully we’ll miss him.

8. Bless You.

K sneezed a few times this morning and both times Sophia promptly said “bless you daddy”. I think we say this fairly regularly but I don’t remember teaching her. She’s also really good with thank you right now….no so much with please, we’re still working on that.

9. Clean car.

I finally got my car cleaned out of the schools of goldfish that were residing between the crevices. I gave the guy a HUGE tip. He deserved it, the car was disgusting and is Beauty filled now 😉

10. Pathetic picture.

Need I say more?;-)

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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2 Responses to Sprints

  1. Pirate King says:

    I don’t know where she could have gotten that Go Gators stuff from…..maybe she is simply perfect as I have long suspected 🙂

  2. Hey Diana,

    Check out the Chaco website — I needed more arch support from my flip flops, so got a pair of Chacos and they’re comfortable and secure on the foot with good support and cushioning. They also do hiking-style ones and in-between styles for varying levels of adventure.




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