Thankful for so many things this past week, great family visits, great weather, Soph’s first trip to Disney, Granny having a successful hip replacement, cousin time with Keith’s family and of COURSE the FSU win over the GATORS!!!!

Dance party with cousin Meghan the night before Disney

and hanging out in their matching jammies (Meghan had to share hers, the girls had SOOO much fun!)

Disney!  Soph was overwhelmed at the start, loved the castle, didn’t get that there wasn’t anything in there.  LOVED the parade and the bumper cars.  It was PACKED so the lines were long and the crowds heavy but as its the “happiest place on earth” there was still fun to be had!

at Minnie’s house

The parade!!!

A “curtsy” in front of the palace!

We went to visit Granny before her surgery, and Soph was surprised with a little early Christmas

Sadly there are NO pictures from our trip to St Augustine (which I assure you was a blast–we hung out with tons of K’s old high school and college friends eating yummy fish and um I even shot a bb gun! ;-))  We also amazingly got NO pictures of Thanksgiving, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Karly, Uncle Matt or the boys–so SAD!  I guess we were just too busy having fun! 😉

I did sneak this one out BEFORE the festivities (no idea whats up with the gangsta look but I needed to prove that yes– I DID take my camera out…..was just too busy to actually USE it

Whew ok so Thanksgiving’s done, our belly’s are full…..but we’re not done yet!  Off we go to Papa and Na’s house for another day of feasting and family fun!

The kids all giggling on the bed before Alladin

The gang

The boys

Saturday was the annual cousins get together.  This year it happened to be to watch the FSU/Gator game.  What made this most especially awesome and sweet for me was the we WON!!! For the first time in my married life we beat the Gators and while I promised to not rub it in tooo much, and have been pretty nice about it, I will have to drop it into conversation now and then….

Aside from reconnecting, football watching and the like we also snuck in a sunset boat ride (I was confident enough by this point to leave the tv during half time) and a fire.  Good times!

and now I bet you too are thankful, thankful I’m finally done for now! Wait, wait….did you hear the Seminoles WON this year?????

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