What’s 4527 + 1232?

Sophia’s learning addition via the stamp game at school.  She’s been doing it for about a week and I tried to understand it by searching the web but then decided it would be more fun to go in and just see for myself.  They learn it this way first and then go “back” and learn the simpler 4+3 variety, cool huh?

I spent an hour there this morning learning about the stamp game, watching her “work a puzzle mat” and work on some reading–I’m really thrilled and amazed at how far she’s come and how happy the kids all are there.  As designed all the children were off working on their own self-designated projects and having a ball!  Check out the concentration on their faces.

Adding it all up

time to put it away and move on to something else–I REALLY wish this would transfer to her toys!  Look how neatly she has it all arranged!

Working the puzzle mat–the world–look at all those tiny countries, and she did it!


and sewing–a button (another “trick” I would really like her to do at home ;))

Metal Insets is another thing I had NO idea what it was but Sophia talks about all the time, its really cool to see what these guys are up too!

scrubbing the table

and of course play dough!

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  1. Polina says:

    This came up when I was searching furnace mountain montessori. Is this where she goes?

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