Moko Jumbies, sharks, sting-rays and fish!

We enjoyed a bit of “tourist time” and went down to Iggie’s one night for their Caribbean buffet, complete with Moko Jumbies and fire dancers.  We didn’t last to see the fire dancers which was a bummer but that’s only because Sophia danced from the moment she got there till the moment we left.  A Moko Jumbie for those interested is a traditional stilt dancer in the islands.

Sophia lead the Conga line..

and went under the Moko Jumbie!!

We also went to Coral World where we touched the lemon shark and fed the sting rays

and then went over to Coki Beach to feed more fish–yes those are milk bones and yes the fish LOVED them.

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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