Who knew?

That kids can be THIS busy!  Yesterday while getting ready for school Sophia managed to outdo even her greatest antics to date.  We were having a cup of coffee in the family room when we hear a thud, a loud thud and crash–she had been standing in one of our kitchen chairs and it had fallen over– onto the tile floor with her on it!  She was fine, the chair however was not.

She then gleefully ran into the bathroom, did her thing and announced her success and moments later I hear…”Mommmmmmy, it won’t flush”.  Hmmm I had a feeling….jumped up and ran into the bathroom only to find a whole roll of toilet paper jammed in there.  As it was nearing time to go I ran upstairs to give my hair a quick brush and she of course made her way to our bed–I could see her from the mirror and she was in the middle jumping happily–since I could see her and we’d already had a rough morning I let it go….until THUD–you guessed it, she hit her head on our headboard.  Again no damage to her–I on the other hand was MORE than happy to drop her off at school!

In the afternoon the antics continued–it was raining so in an effort to keep her occupied we had some painting time, I turned my back for a second and suddenly looked down to see the floors painted purple!  Thanking god for water based paint and the fact it was on tiles I cleaned it up.   We have our hands full, some days I think back to before I had kids and the silent judgments you make about how your kid will “never do that”, yeah mine does and I DO watch her–constantly but its not enough. The judgment gods haven spoken and are making me PAY–in spades.  We’re lucky so far, there have been no MAJOR injuries, a strawberry here, a bruise there…..  The circus of our house is both crazy, and overwhelming at times but always interesting and “fun”.  Yesterday I blamed it on the Ides of March…you never know 😉  Today is a bit calmer….so far but its early yet.

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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1 Response to Who knew?

  1. Janelle says:

    Try adding another kid to the mix! Actually, my life would be so much easier with just Marley around – she is pretty calm. Maya on the other hand is the one giving me headaches everyday!

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