Rock Lobster

1.  It’s time for Rock Lobster and Love Shack!  What does this mean exactly?  Every day about this time is Sophia’s designated “dancing time”  she started it when she was little with her dad, now its self-proclaimed.  “Rock Lobster time mommy, first Rock Lobster than Love Shack right?”  don’t forget they are on the computer in the office.  She dances it out like a crazy woman–runs around the front hall and at times all around the house–its quite a treat!

This kid will never know cd’s, or a million other thing that we grew up with but she will still have a little of the B-52’s to carry with her where-ever she lands 😉

2.  We dodged the snow bullet the other night.  Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to have flakes and a TON of wind but for the most part I think we lucked out.  I saw some daffodils and other bulbs peaking out–they are as ready for Spring as I am!

3.  I’m a bit of redecorating in the living room –its not quite done yet and I haven’t told K yet (he’ll be back Saturday) but will be sure to post pictures when its done.  I’m really excited, its looking better than I thought it would.  Suffice it to say the framed VanGogh painting that’s been hanging there is GONE–probably will be moved the basement but we’ll see.

4.  I had great hopes at the beginning of the year — went to the gym for two weeks straight.  Then we went to Barbados, then the snow came, and here I am.  MUST GET BACK AT IT (hold me to that! ;-))

5. Barbados.  I never did give that update…yeah.  We had an AMAZING time visiting our friends Armando and Felicia and their 10 month old too cute twins.  I had another unfortunate camera incident on the FIRST day when we were out on the catamaran and yeah um had the door on the side open and even though it *is* waterproof you have to make sure everything is shut….Luckily Olympus can fix it and it should be back in my hot little hands soon.  Armando was nice enough to let us borrow one of his cameras while we were there.

Sophia got sick mid-way through the week so our schedule was a bit condensed but we still did a ton and had a blast!

–all of us enjoying sunset before…LOBSTA on the beach 😉

These lobster were caught off the Grenadines, like Anegada its got a small population and HUGE lobsters!

Just in case you don’t believe me….they were in an open tank, Sophia was scared to death–the flash caught a little glare but I’m sure you get the idea 😉

My dad was a Marine Biologist and lived in Barbados in the 1960’s…he loved it and we heard a lot about it growing up.  I’m sure its changed a lot since then but when we got to the fish market I kind of “got it”  and can definitely imagine him spending a lot of time there!  The “big” fish here is actually little flying fish, they are surprisingly tasty–we had a little “cook-off” between Armando and Keith for lunch one day–both did a good job, I don’ think there was a clear winner.

You walked in checked out the fish then the guys cut it to order right in front of you, doesn’t get much fresher than that!

Rum is of course a big thing in Barbados, we missed touring the Mount Gay factory–guess we can add that to our reasons to go back, but did tour the rum making portion of St. Nicholas Abbey–very cool!  That was one of the days that Soph wasn’t 100% so we didn’t go in but you can order personalized bottles of rum–how cool!

6. Ok this got WAY longer than I thought, I promise I will go through the rest of the Barbados pictures and have them up soon!

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Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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