Can you believe–she’s 3!!!!


Sophia is 3!!! Not sure how that happened so fast– POOF just like the candles she blew out on here cake


Yesterday despite soaking fall rain showers we celebrated with her crew of 3 year old buddies.  She specifically requested that her birthday party include “Tinkerbell, Pirates, Birthday Cake and Balloons” so we did your best to comply 😉

Here is the room before the mayhem….


and a close up of the “crafts” Mommy made–I think I might have gone a little nuts–but I had fun! Besides what’s a party without a pirate hat, eye-patch or fairy wand….right?


Here is the purple Tinkerbell cake–which I am proud to say got me a “Mom….this is the BEST birthday cake ever”, combined with a HUGE hug–given she hasn’t had many to compare it too–but it totally worth the effort in my book!


The kids…well they found the princess shoes and were busy doing laps around the house–they were going too fast to catch with the camera for the most part but here are a few I managed ….I know there was another camera or two out there, if I get more I’ll be sure to share!



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2 Responses to Can you believe–she’s 3!!!!

  1. Aunt Net says:

    How adorable, they grow up so quickly, I remember Keith and Scott running around at that age, WOW. Give Sophie a big hug and kiss for me and tell her Happy Birthday and she is getting to be such a big girl. I would love to see her, she is precious. I check the site at least once a week for updates, I so enjoy the pictures and comments. Seems to me she is ready for the Disney scene, plenty of room when the time comes. Love to you all.

  2. Janelle says:

    Marley says she wants to go to the Balloon Party!! And be a princess on the pirate ship! I can’t get over how much older Sophia looks – I was looking at pictures of the 4th of July from last year and they both look like such BABIES!

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