How did I not know about this place before?

I heard about it the other night from my neighbors and decided to check it out.  Its a dairy farm about 15 minutes from us that sells FRESH milk, cheeses and other goodies, they even deliver — I’m getting on that immediately!

We went up there in the afternoon because you can feed the baby cows at 4pm.  Figured that would be cool to check out as well–we’ve seen baby cows fed before but what the heck when your trying to come up with new and interesting things for a toddler this stuff is perfect!

Things got off to a great start with a sampling of strawberry ice-cream, then we walked across the street to feed the cows and encountered this guy….


GOBBLE!!! Sophia was NOT cool with him.

Then we walked into the barn and uh oh…..


There were ROOSTERS on all the stalls–and she started to shake.  I thought this was particularly funny because um, there are roosters and chickens ALL over St. Thomas and they never bothered her a bit.  Apparently they don’t belong in barns though….dunno.

She relaxed a bit to check out the cows, and was willing to feed them, until she spotted another rooster.  Guess we’ll have to try again another day 😉  In the meantime I’ll be setting up my weekly home delivery of YUMMY fresh milk!



About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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1 Response to COWS!

  1. Aunt Net says:

    Hi, this place sounds great and fresh milk WOW is all I can say, I am thinking of coming up sometime in Septemeber if you guys are going to be around. Let me know. Love you.

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