Don’t be scared

The other day we were having burgers at Shipwreck Tavern where they have a couple of pirate statues sitting on their deck.  On the way we told Sophia we were “going to see pirates” because the first time we went there she was terrified and started shaking when she saw them.  We figured a little time to prepare herself couldn’t hurt.   This visit started out much the same way, when she first saw the pirate she shirked away.  What was different this time is all through lunch she was saying “don’t be scared of pirates, don’t be scared of pirates”,  a little self created chant.  When we finished our food she looked at Daddy and said “let’s go see pirates”.  They went up there, her continuing her chant, and she hung out with the pirate, even wanted to check out the one by the other door.  She even wished them a Merry Christmas!

Iguana’s are another thing she’s been afraid of since we’ve been down here.  We found the perfect “St. Thomas” ornament shopping after Christmas this year and in the store she was terrified–yes of an ornament! Keith hung it on the tree when we got home and she had the same reaction, he took her over and gently explained that this was a pretty iguana and like the other ornaments on the tree, a star, a sailboat etc, this was not real and not going to hurt her because they were pretty and fake.  She was cool with that.


We tested her on real iguana’s shortly after when we went to lunch at Molly Malone’s where there were a bunch of iguana’s sitting out sunning and lunching on some salad that had been thrown out for them.  She was fine!  Did her chant of course, then counted them and wanted to go check them out. Pretty cool, looks like the chant has some power!

We tried it again at Coral World  which is FULL of iguana’s.  There were a couple of middle school aged girls on the steps full of worry and fear about taking a picture with an Iguana.   Sophia bravely climbed the steps saying…you guessed it, “don’t be afraid of the iguana’s!

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Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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1 Response to Don’t be scared

  1. bardsworld says:

    Absolutely amazing mate, and I’m really proud of Soph’s mental toolkit what a great way to rationalise, vocalise, and overcome your fears. Scared of pirates though??? Hope she has that one beaten!

    Happy New Year to you all on the island!

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