How come when things happen they ALL seem to happen at the same time.

Like you know, the dog getting sick (nothing bad just some gross butt stuff), the refrigerator breaking (with a part that has to be ordered from the States), the weather being grey/windy/rainy….  Fala la la la…..the Christmas tree lighting is tonight.  When Soph gets up from her nap I have to take our piles of trash out, we have to take everything to dumpsters here which is great fun considering we have 25 steps to get to the car.  I know this because Sophia likes to count them.  She also likes to “help” with things like taking garbage out.  The bags are heavy and have way too many things that need to be thrown out because of fridge issues.  I have to buy some ice and some milk, cause baby needs milk.  I guess I’ll use the cooler, its getting a lot of use these days.

I was really excited for this Christmas tree thing now I just don’t know if I want to deal. There are bagillions of boats in town, really bagillions-(is that a word? nevermind it is now) The traffic will be insane.  Princesses patience will definitely be tested by wanting to walk by herself which she will NOT be able to do with all the people down there.  The stroller probably won’t satisfy her either.  Two year olds are VERY opinionated about these things.

This all makes me just want to have a drink! No wonder people down here drink so much….but I can’t cause well, you know the fridge and all….and warm beer is never good.  When I get the ice I may have to put some in there, you know with the other necessary stuff.

I have Christmas cards that need to be written, the first batch went out but I can’t seem to muster up the energy for the rest of them….don’t take it personally if you don’t have yours yet, my list is random and definitely needs updating which is one of my problems….and you’ll get yours eventually, I promise! I probably need to start wrapping some of the presents I do have….but eh.

The toilet downstairs is also leaking….did I mention that?  I have a new goal here, its a long shot and pretty much out of my control but I am going to try really hard to have everything working here.  At some point.  Probably won’t be for awhile and when everything gets back in order the internet will go out, or the cable, or the power.  And something else will break.  I’m starting to get used it it, you know island living and all.  My control freak is going NUTS, truly.

But that’s my issue, yours today if your reading this, but really it is my issue that I have to solve.


After I get all this laundry folded and decide what to do about world peace.

Any ideas?

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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2 Responses to Issues

  1. Katja says:

    While you are at it, can you find a cure for those moments when 2 year olds just flat out refuse to cooperate, just because they can? A solution to getting them to agree to lotion after bath (which usually they rather enjoy), that does not involve taking away the bed time book? Yep, no book for Colin tonight. Prayers, hugs and kisses, but for the first time he had to go to bed without being read a book. And I hated it. But something has to give right? Bad behavior has to have some consequence and with the 2 year old mind, kind of has to be something he feels right then. Don’t want to wake up tomorrow morning with a “punishment” hanging over us to start the day. Why can’t they always be the truly lovable sweet little people they really are? Sorry for complaining, he just had a really bad moment after bath and it is still eating away at me because I have no clue what set it off. And I hate not having read his book to him. But – I do have power, and cold wine and beer. And there are no ships in Ashburn. Not a single one. Wanna hop on a plane and come over?

  2. Kerry says:

    I had to laugh about the control freak comment. It brought back memories:

    Hey Diana. Yeah, you are taking over the biggest project here at work. Here is a distro list of all the important people. Schedule? Eh, here, write down all these people and here is what they are doing.

    You took a deep breath and made sense of it and handled it like a champ.

    You’ll handle all this too–even though your control freak is freaking!

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