What we take for granted

We live in “paradise”.  Paradise however has a power problem.

Our power went out yesterday about 8:30 am….it was nice and cool here thankfully, so the only major dilema was worrying about the goodies we bought for our additions to the Thanksgiving meal we plan on having with friends.

Luckily most things don’t require much refridgeration and things that did seemed to stay cool enough so I wasen’t too worried.

We are also lucky enough to have neighbors who invited us over for dinner and drinks last night so we spent an evening in good company.

The power came on this morning, at 7:30 a mere 23 hours later, just in time to make coffee which was fantastic.  However, shortly thereafter it went out again.  Not sure what today holds in terms of power.  Only time will tell.  I had plans to do some baking but thats obviously on hold for awhile anyway….

This has all made me think about what we take for granted, the showers, the running water, the refridgeration….that a lot of people aren’t lucky enough to have, even in this modern world we live in.  We complain about not having it for a day but things like this make me think of the folks living in huts around the world. Not matter what your circumstances, if you are reading this on a computer you already have more than most…be greatful, it is Thanksgiving after all!

I will definitely be thankful when the power comes back on and hopeful that this is a kick in the pants to the folks at WAPA that the antiquated systems they have need to be replaced (I hear they are circa WW2).

At any rate wherever you are, enjoy your families, your friends, your good meals……. and your power!

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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2 Responses to What we take for granted

  1. Becky says:

    Good luck with your power problems. And Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. bardsworld says:

    Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving on the island. Hope the power is back up soon!

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