Dogs are here ;-)

I know, I know I should confirm this with a picture and I promise I will.  They survived the trip and are settling in well.  Keith said they were howling when the plane landed but who can blame them–they were probably just eager to get out of their crates and excited to be here. 😉

We’re currently all recovering from a busy weekend.  Keith is back in Florida for a week of work, the dogs have been sleeping all morning  and Sophia and I are headed to the grocery store this afternoon (not quite as small a feat as it sounds like around here) especially since we are out of EVERYTHING.  We did manage to start the day at Magen’s though 😉  Gotta start Monday off on a good note after all.

The weekend was amazing.  I got my Spa Day on Saturday which was a wonderful break. Keith and Soph had funny playing and watching the Gators.  Which brings me to the only sad spot of the weekend the Seminoles performance but alas….

Sunday we embarked on an excursion to see how many beaches we could get to in a day…..not really but it turned out that way.  We started off with a hike in an attempt to get to a great dog beach close to here….once we realized the turn the path was going on would lead us away from the water and not closer to it we bagged and decided to drive down the crazy road instead.

Dogs were happy although already a little worn out from their hike.  Sophia was confused.  This wasn’t her normal quiet beach and it was a bit rocky for sandcastles.  Came home, brunched and napped (well she napped) then we got up to go to Magen’s and definitely a more Sophia friendly place.  We got back from there and decided to go to Hull Bay where they have live bands on Sunday nights.  Like last week she charged the stage this girl LOVES her music!

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Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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