Important step in any tropical storm preparedness plan

Go to the Zoo!

We had another busy weekend here.  Friday Sophia and I went up to meet Audrey, Christy and Christy’s mom Connie at the Playmobil Fun Park.  The girls had an absolute blast trying out all the different play areas.  I’d love to say we got tons of cute pictures but honestly they were so busy trying everything out it was hard to catch them!

Saturday came word of Tropical Storm Fay…well word that we would have to deal with it anyway.  It passed by the Virgin Islands just dropping lots of much needed rain and filling up our cistern!  Funny how you start to look at rain when water is such a commodity!   School starts here on in South Florida on Monday (or was scheduled to but thats been delayed a couple of days)  as a result the stores were PACKED.  I managed to get the basics, lots of water, another flashlight and some sterno and figured there were worse things than living off of fruit and chips if things got tough.  No, no we have more than that, don’t worry, seriously

We went to the mall in Boca that afternoon where Sophia got her new favorite hat , showing off the only team Mommy and Daddy agree on (and with football season fast approaching we need all the neutrality we can get!)  Go Sox!

Since it looks like we’ll mostly be drenched for the next couple of days, we decided our best plan of action was to wear out the troops–so we went with Sophia to the Zoo 😉  I’m not typically a fan of zoo’s–animals in restricted environments and all but I have to admit the Miami Zoo is fantastic. 

We got to feed giraffe’s, check out this guys’ tongue!

After a final trip to the park for the boys and to the pool with Sophia we ready for a couple days of rain.  Of course now its heading West…..

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Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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