Its not like moving to Pennsylvannia

Ok thats obvious but that’s become my manta the past week or so as people as me when I’m leaving or how we are going to do this and what our plans are…..I don’t know! At least thats what my answer has been……

It still is but we are getting closer to a plan …..Keith did a GREAT job doing research this weekend, on cars, on shopping, and most importantly on places to live–dog friendly places more specifically. Keith saw a brand new place today that was dog friendly–not even a pet deposit! had a view of Magen’s and was 3 bedrooms. Sounds PERFECT to me! so ok it didn’t have much of a yard, and they wanted a year lease….we’ll work on all that. But it does mean we can all be down there TOGETHER–SOON!!

Mind you if this works out, we still have to figure out *how* to get the dogs down there, every day it gets warmer adds a bit of complexity to the mix. We heard Continental has great pet transportation but no direct flights from anywhere around here After we figure that out we have to work on what to do with our furniture…do we pack and store it now (my guess) do we then rent furniture until we can get a place of our own down there (ie buy) as in after we sell our house here–if you know anyone in the market for a GREAT house in Lovettsville, VA send them our way!

I have a zillion and one questions running through my head —
-Will someone be having a good “leaving island sale” maybe we can get a coffee maker…
-What will Sophia sleep on, will she care? besides her clothes what else does she need to make her happy? toys?games? books?
-What else will we need? whats important to be comfortable for a few months
–kitchen stuff? sheets? pillows? Obviously every trip down there will involve all our BIG suitcases, but can I send them USPS without breaking the bank?

Oh well, the important thing is there are POSSIBILITIES, we were told St. Thomas is not an easy place to bring a dog, yet everyone we know down there has at least one. We figured there had to be a way. Its definitely easier to BE there and find a place…duh! I’m excited, if Soph doesn’t have toys we’ll just have to go to the beach more often 😉

This IS all going to work out, it really is.

About Diana

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Explorer, Dreamer. Moving from a small town in Northern VA to the even smaller island of St. Thomas, USVI.
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1 Response to Its not like moving to Pennsylvannia

  1. Pirate Ian says:

    It’ll all work out mate, you’ll see. I’d suggest mailing clothes, sending off what you can now via ground to keep the cost down. When you do the final travel you don’t want to be carrying your wardrobe, just what you *need* for you and the punk for a couple of days. As for toys, think music she likes, and stick it on an MP3 player, speakers are cheap anywhere. Think a few plush toys, games etc, and put them in that final “we’re leaving luggage”. Everything else can be shipped, if she misses it for a day or two now she’ll love it for a week or two later. Wow, sounds like I did this before, the Atlantic was a big step, you know!
    See yah in the cube forest!

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